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  • Falls Church Healthcare Center in Virginia

    A women's center serving the families of our Virginia community.

  • Abortion clinic in Falls Church, VA - Falls Church Healthcare Center

    Privacy, SAFETY and personalized care of our patients is our priority.

  • Falls Church Healthcare Center abortion center in Virginia

    EVERY woman has a right to determine the outcome of her pregnancy.

  • Falls Church Healthcare Center private abortion clinic in VA

    You are NOT alone. Abortion is a common experience.

Abortion Politics and Women

Abortion Politics and Women topics addressed in the following videos.

Falls Church Healthcare Center keeping our patients informed

>> Falls Church Healthcare Center challenges Virginia’s regulations intended to shut down abortion providers, and wins an important victory!

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>> In May 2015, the Virginia Attorney General advised the state board of health that new restrictive regulations don’t apply to existing clinics. – view VIDEO

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>> The Black Women’s Health Imperative on ending the Hyde Amendment, which restricts abortion funding in Medicaid.

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>> Dorothy Fadiman’s short film “When Abortion Was Illegal” is an important reminder of the fight for choice over the years.

WHEN ABORTION WAS ILLEGAL: Untold Stories from Dorothy Fadiman on Vimeo.

>> Want to prevent abortion? Women talk about what happens when barriers to birth control are removed.

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>> Staff and volunteers with abortion funds talk about the patient stories that stuck with them.

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