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  • Falls Church Healthcare Center in Virginia

    A women's center serving the families of our Virginia community.

  • Abortion clinic in Falls Church, VA - Falls Church Healthcare Center

    Privacy, SAFETY and personalized care of our patients is our priority.

  • Falls Church Healthcare Center abortion center in Virginia

    EVERY woman has a right to determine the outcome of her pregnancy.

  • Falls Church Healthcare Center private abortion clinic in VA

    You are NOT alone. Abortion is a common experience.

Abortion Services

Our competent and caring medical staff provides abortion services in a CONFIDENTIAL SETTING that supports women taking an active role in their well-being.

FCHC supports women in taking an active role in their well-being by providing professional, affordable, confidential health care. We promote patient rights through all of our services. We are committed to every woman’s right to become an informed participant in her own health care by having her questions answered in language she can understand. This includes the right to be informed about medical diagnosis, procedures, and possible complications and information about medications and their side effects.

Our staff and center aim to create a SAFE and CARING ENVIRONMENT for all of our abortion services patients, including the unique needs of Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer individuals. We welcome patients of all sexual orientations and gender expressions, and will provide understanding, quality health care.

Women are compassionately served by our exceptional and compassionate staff and board certified clinicians. Each patient is treated on an individual basis with non-judgmental counseling. All abortion services are completely confidential. We promote patient rights through all of our services.

At Falls Church Healthcare Center we adhere to high protocols of quality medical care. We are a licensed outpatient center and members of NARALNAF and the Clinic Defense Task Force.

Our Abortion Services

Beware of Fake Clinics (from National Abortion Federation website)

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) have a long history of deception. For example, some CPCs intentionally choose their name to mislead women into believing that they offer a wide range of services, including family planning and abortion care, when in fact they offer neither. CPCs may advertise in phone books near the headings of “Abortion” or under “Abortion Alternatives,” “Women’s Organizations,” “Pregnancy,” “Medical,” “Women’s Centers” or “Clinics.” CPCs may locate themselves near legitimate clinics that offer abortion care in a deliberate attempt to lure patients into visiting their centers.

Although CPCs portray themselves as medical clinics and urge women to come in for options counseling, they do not provide full options counseling and generally will not refer for abortion care or birth control. CPCs have used tactics intended to delay and even harass or intimidate women from having an abortion and have given out false and misleading information in order to dissuade women from choosing abortion.

For your own protection, ask the organization you contact if they provide abortion care or give abortion referrals. Evasive and unclear answers to this question should make you suspicious. For help finding a reputable abortion provider, please call the NAF Hotline referral line 1-877-257-0012


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