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Distancing, Telehealth and Now Vaccines! Helping our Patients in the Era of COVID COVID-19 has been a reality for us […]
The passage of the Reproductive Health Protection Act (RHPA) prompted us to change a few things: we now have the […]
What the Reproductive Health Protection Act Means for You: July 1 and Beyond… In April 2020, Governor Northam signed the […]
FCHC and COVID-19 This page will be used for any updates about our operation during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) Health Emergency. […]
Supportive businesses that share our mission and serve women well Maria Ines Butler, MSW, LCSW. The Family Therapy Center, 11313 […]
Abortion Advocacy ~ showing public support or recommendation of a particular cause or policy. REGISTER TO VOTE and VOTE IN […]
What are the health consequences of partner violence? Women’s Center for Domestic Violence is a non-profit organization offering services for women […]
Helpful information about cervical health is available here. Understanding Cervical Changes: A Health Guide:  From the National Cancer Institute What […]
Below you’ll find helpful breast health information. National Women’s Health Resource Center – Your Guide to Breast Health [pdf] A 40 […]