Private pay fees for abortion & birth control

We are a comprehensive gynecology center that offers extensive services for your reproductive wellness. We provide many services not listed here so please call us at 703-532-2500 to hear about them and the fees that apply.


  • We welcome ALL patients with or without insurance.
  • View list of Insurance Carriers Accepted OR call the center at 703-532-2500.
  • Please provide your Insurance Information to the scheduler when you make your appointment .
  • We would be happy to verify your benefits and financial responsibility prior to your appointment

As a COURTESY to our patients we can submit insurance claims on your behalf. Your individual policy through your employment may have restrictions. Though most every insurance company has a policy that includes Gynecologic Services, Contraception and Abortioncare, your individual policy may not include those services or may have large deductibles or co-pays. While we at Falls Church Healthcare Center will submit insurance claims, we highly suggest patients call their customer service representative listed on your insurance card to verify their coverage.


  • Payment or Insurance co-pay, co-insurance or unmet deductible is required at the time your services.
  • Acceptable forms of payment: Cash and most major credit cards (including VISA, American Express, MasterCard, etc…). We do not accept checks or money orders.
  • Itemized statements can be provided if you want to file your own health account claim.

Fees - abortion fees, birth control fees Falls Church Healthcare Center in Falls Church, Va


  • Discounts apply for some services for Medicaid patients, Students, and Military personnel.
  • Payment plans will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • If you are facing financial challenges, talk to us to see if we can help. Click here to view Financial Assistance sources with whom we work.

Abortion fees include:

  • Basic Lab Services including 1 Pregnancy Blood Test as needed
  • Registration Appointment with Transvaginal Sonogram
  • Abortioncare (Abortion Pill or Procedural Abortion)
  • Follow-Up Abortioncare 2-4 weeks after your abortion (by phone, internet, or our preferred, in person)

[Effective Date – July 01, 2018]

Private Pay Abortion Care Services

Abortion Pill (through 9 weeks LMP) $455
Abortioncare up to 12 weeks | Local (Awake) $440
Surcharge added for Gestations more than 12 weeks $25
Abortion up to 12 weeks | IV Sedation (Asleep) $565
Surcharge added for Gestations more than 12 weeks $25
Mini Dose Rhogam Injection for patient with RH Negative Blood Factor $65

Private Pay Birth Control Services

Urine Pregnancy Testing (UPT) at the Center Free
Family Planning Options Counseling (with Health Educator) $100
Depo-Provera Injection (repeat or new with nurse) $85
Paragard Insertion (10 year non-hormonal) $1080
Mirena Insertion (5 year hormonal) $1160
Liletta Insertion $850
IUD Check within 3 months Free
IUD Removal – Existing Patient | Uncomplicated $100
IUD Removal – New Patient | Uncomplicated $175
IUD Check within 3 months N/C
Nexplanon – 3 Year Hormonal Arm Implant $1025
Nexplanon – Check within 2 Months Free
Nexplanon/Implanon Removal | Uncomplicated $200
LARC (Long Acting Removable Contraception)
Insertion when patient supplies approved device

Gynecology Services

Well Woman Exam Annual
Includes Pelvic Exam, Breast Exam, and Family Planning. Thin prep Pap Smear screening only as needed per new ACOG guidelines.
Well Woman Exam with additional Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Testing $280
Well Woman Exam, Discounted $175
(At Abortioncare follow-up or with IUD, Nexplanon or a qualifying service)
Well Woman Exam, Discounted $200
(with additional Chlamydia & Gonorrhea testing)
Sonogram – Preliminary Evaluation of cysts, fibroids, etc. $190
HPV Screen added to Pap Smear $60
Herpes Test with Doctor Evaluation $220
Vaginal Wart Treatment (initial) $175
Test of Cure (TOC) or Re-Check w/ Doctor $140
Colposcopy $250
Colposcopy with Biopsy $450
with Anesthesia, add $200
Cryosurgery $305
Laser Ablation (in office) $950
with Anesthesia, add $200

For a complete list of Reproductive Services available at the Center, please call.

NOTE: Fees are subject to change without notice. Please call center to verify.

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