Already scheduled your appointment?

Have you already scheduled your in-person appointment? You can still schedule a Telehealth appointment — which will allow for you to discuss your abortion with one of our patient educators ahead of your appointment over video or telephone. Please email us at and let us know you’d like to schedule Telehealth.

GREAT NEWS! Our patients can now complete their patient education session through our new Secure Telehealth (a virtual appointment by video or audio conference). Telehealth makes your medical care more affordable and comfortable, eliminates you having to complete your paperwork in-office, and shortens your in-office time. 
On the Request an Appointment form, please schedule your telehealth appointment at least 1-2 days ahead of the day you want to come for your in-person abortioncare appointment.  You will find all your patient information forms online to complete before your Telehealth appointment. During your Telehealth appointment you will speak with your patient educator online to review your medical history and to learn more about the option you selected.
We encourage you to use our video platform,, for your Telehealth session.  Please indicate if you would rather have your Telehealth session as a phone call.

Frequently Asked Questions About Telehealth

Telehealth is a secure, virtual appointment with one of our patient educators by video or audio conference. Telehealth can make your medical care more affordable and save time.
Some of Telehealth’s benefits include:
  • Accessing care at a more convenient time and place for you. Telehealth allows for you to connect with one of our patient educators remotely rather than physically being in our Center. You can access Telehealth from the comfort of your home or anywhere else.  Additionally, our Telehealth program include evening hours.
  • Accessing care in a more comfortable environment. You get to choose where you’ll be when you talk with our patient educator.  Whether it’s at your home or a friend’s home, with a support person there with you or on your own, you can decide on your environment. (Also? If you’re in your own home you won’t have to wear a mask!)
  • Spending less time in our office at your in-person appointment. On average, utilizing Telehealth decreases the amount of time you will be in our Center by about 20-30 minutes.
  • Making a secure partial payment (minimum $100) or even full payment by credit card online. Any remaining  balance can be paid at your in-person appointment. (If you are using insurance, we can check your policy and will let you know about your coverage and co-pay.)
The patient educator and you will review your patient information forms, including your medical intake forms, and review what will occur during your in-person abortioncare appointment. They are also there to answer any questions you may have or address any concerns.
Telehealth is an included component of your abortioncare appointment and there is no extra charge. At your Telehealth appointment, however, we do request a payment of $100 which is applicable towards the cost of your abortioncare appointment. When you access for your Telehealth appointment, your patient educator will send a message prompting for your credit/debit card information for $100. (Payment processing is handled by Stripe, a trusted and well-known payment processor. Credit card information is not handled by Falls Church Healthcare Center nor

If you are paying for your abortioncare appointment using private insurance, we will advise if there is any copay or co-insurance we will ask to collect at the time of your Telehealth appointment.
  • First, Request an Appointment online.  A patient educator will email or call you to schedule your Telehealth appointment at a time you’d like.  You’ll receive an email and text confirmation.
  • As soon as you’ve requested your appointment, please complete your patient information forms onlineWe want to give our patient educators enough time to review your medical history and ensure that all of the required paperwork is in order.
  • Read through the information on our website about medication abortion and procedural abortion. Feel free to think of any questions you may have.
  • Select a space where you feel comfortable and can talk freely. If you would like a support person to be there with you, that’s fine.
  • About five minutes before your appointment, log into the Telehealth session using the link provided. Make sure to enter your name as it shows on your patient information forms.
  • Have a credit/debit card ready so you can pay the $100 applicable to your abortioncare appointment.
Yes. Falls Church Healthcare Center takes our patients’ privacy very seriously.  It’s one of the reasons we chose as our Telehealth platform — as they are well-known for their compliance with HIPAA and other privacy and security standards applicable to healthcare organizations.

Your Telehealth session is encrypted end-to-end — meaning that there is no server in the middle listening in on or saving any video or content from the session.

For further information, has a page with details about their security and privacy implementation.
Yes! The online platform we are using for Telehealth is (used by over 200,000 healthcare providers worldwide), and it can be accessed through a web browser on a smartphone as well as on Windows, Mac and Chromebook computers and on certain tablets.  See below for more detailed technical requirements.
The online platform we are using for Telehealth is (used by over 200,000 healthcare providers worldwide), and it was designed to be used on many different devices with minimal system requirements:

Windows/Mac/Chromebook: You’ll need a computer with audio (microphone, speakers or headphones), video (webcam), one of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari 11+ (latest version), and a solid internet connection. (There are more details at’s system requirements page.)

iOS and Android: Safari 11+ on the latest version of iOS; Google Chrome on Android. You’ll need either WiFi or a data plan. does not work with Amazon Kindle or other e-readers at this time.

There are tools available to test your network connection to confirm that it will handle successfully.
We prefer to use for our Telehealth sessions in order for our patients and educators to see each other while speaking, as well as share crucial information onscreen.

If you do not have a compatible computer or smartphone, or you prefer to conduct your telehealth session through a phone call, please indicate this when you Request an Appointment or call us at 703-532-2500 and we will work with you on solutions to connect with us.
That’s perfectly fine. Some of our patients would rather meet in our Center. When you Request an Appointment, make sure to choose “I prefer to have my patient education session at my in-person appointment.” We will work to schedule your in-person appointment, and your patient education will be included. Please be aware that your appointment will likely be about 90 minutes longer when patient education is occurring in our Center.