Financial Assistance

Do you need financial assistance with the cost of your medical services?

Falls Church Healthcare Center is dedicated to providing SAFE and LEGAL care regardless of a patient’s financial position. Our center works with funding organizations that may be able to help if you are in need of financial assistance. Call our Center at 703-532-2500 and speak with one of our Patient Educators to request more information. You can also indicate this on your online form to request an appointment.

For abortion services: Falls Church Healthcare Center works closely with the National Abortion Hotline and several local abortion funds to help offset the cost for your abortion care. This may also include assistance for travel as well as for lodging if you’re coming from outside of the local area. Please refer to the guidelines below to contact these organizations.

For GYN services (including Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) such as IUDs and Nexplanon): FCHC works closely with Access to Reproductive Care and Health (ARCH), a local fund which helps to offset costs for these services as well as assist with funding for abortion care. We can discuss what options are available and work with ARCH to determine a subsidized cost. Please contact us at 703-532-2500 or use our online form to make an appointment.

Do you need a ride to/from Falls Church Healthcare Center? FCHC works closely with Green Cab. Their volunteer drivers assist patients with transportation in Virginia. If you would like to take advantage of this service, please call 703-532-2500 and let the scheduling team know.

Guidelines for contacting abortion funds:

Below you will find information on funding organizations you may contact along with instructions. Please follow the instructions listed for the state you will be traveling from.  Please keep in mind that:

  • The organizations listed may take 24-48 hours to hear back from so please call them as soon as possible. 
  • They may call you back with an unknown/blocked number at any time in the day or evening, so please be sure to pick up all your phone calls and check your voicemail (and make sure it is set up and not full).
  • Please call FCHC the morning of your services to confirm we have received funding from the qualifying funding organizations.

If you leave voicemail, please make sure to provide:

  • Your name
  • Your telephone number
  • Whether or not they can leave you a voicemail message
  • Whether or not they can text you at this number
  • The date and time of your appointment (if you have made one), the name of the clinic (Falls Church Healthcare Center), and the type of abortion (medication, procedural)
  • How far along you are in your pregnancy.

For all abortion patients:Falls Church Healthcare works closely with the National Abortion Hotline to determine if patients meet the criteria for subsidized funding. Please Call FCHC at 703-532-2500 and speak with one of our representatives who can screen you for funding by asking you a few questions about your household size and income information.
For patients living in/coming from Virginia:Contact one of the following organizations:

1. Blue Ridge Abortion Fund
434-963-0669 (Mondays and Wednesdays, 9am – 1pm)

2. Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project
888-847-1593 (Tuesdays, 9am – 2pm)

3. New River Abortion Access Fund (NRAAF)
540-553-8152 (Wednesdays and Thursdays, 9am – 2pm)

During the hours listed you may be prompted to leave a voicemail message. Outside of these hours the ability to leave voicemail may be turned off.

If you are seeking assistance with transportation within Virginia to and from FCHC, please call us at 703-532-2500 and let us know at least 24-48 hours in advance. We will work with Green Cab to secure your transportation with one of their vetted volunteer drivers.
For patients living in/coming from Southwest Virginia:New River Abortion Access Fund (NRAAF)
Let them know where in Virginia you’re coming from.
For patients living in/coming from Washington, DC:DC Abortion Fund (DCAF)
For patients living in/coming from Maryland:Baltimore Abortion Fund (BAF)
For patients living in/coming from West Virginia:
Women’s Health Center of WV CHOICE Fund
Call FCHC at 703-532-2500. Our staff will work with you on funding your appointment.

Holler Health Justice (HHJ)

For patients living in/coming from other states:New River Abortion Access Fund (NRAAF)
Request Funding/Travel Assistance Form

You may also be able to find other funds in your state – search at the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF).  You can also try the National Abortion Hotline for your region. In addition, please reach out to the FCHC staff who may be able to help you with other resources.
For Native American / Indigenous patients (with CIB / ID-HIS or other identification)Indigenous Women Rising (IWR)
Online Form