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Update – GYN Services

You have the right to choose your options for healthcare, and Falls Church Healthcare Center remains fully committed to supporting your decision. Our providers and healthcare team will continue to provide a wide range of abortion care services. However, at this time we do not have a clinician on staff who is performing GYN services on a regular basis. We are currently working to expand our team of providers to include GYN services.

If you are currently looking for GYN services, we are referring individuals to the following practices:

Physicians & Midwives is a unique collaborative practice with five locations across Northern Virginia, specializing in providing obstetrical and gynecological care and practice. This practice accepts most insurance carriers. Visit their website or call them at 703-370-4300.

Neighborhood Health provides high quality primary care medicine — including GYN services — regardless of ability to pay. They have 13 locations across Northern Virginia. Visit their website or call them at 703-535-5568.

We are looking forward to providing comprehensive GYN services again in the near future, and we will update our website when we do.

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