Fees and Insurance – NEW

Financial Help Available!

We at Falls Church Healthcare Center recognize that our patients may be facing financial challenges at this time.  Good news! We can help! Need-based financial assistance may be available for both abortion care and gynecology. Click here for more information. Please let us know if you are interested in financial assistance when you make your appointment.

At Falls Church Healthcare Center, there are no hidden fees.

The prices you see below include all of our services you will need for your quality abortion care. Some other providers will show you a base fee and add on additional charges. FCHC’s fees include:

  • Basic Lab Services — including one pregnancy blood test as needed
  • Testing, medication and ultrasound as needed
  • Abortion care (Abortion Pill or Procedural Abortion, with local or general IV sedation)
  • Follow-Up Abortion care 2-4 weeks after your abortion (by phone or internet, or in-person as needed)

Private Pay Fees for Abortion and Gynecology

We are a comprehensive gynecology center that offers extensive services for your reproductive wellness. We provide many services not listed below, so please call us at 703-532-2500 to hear about them and the fees that apply.

Discounts:  We offer a small, courtesy discount for abortion care services for Medicaid patients, students, and military personnel.

If you are facing financial challenges, talk to us to see if we can help. Click here to view Financial Assistance sources with whom we work.


We currently accept:

Aetna Better Health of Virginia (gynecology only, not abortion care)

Aetna Coventry 

Aetna Signature Administrators

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (HMO, PPO, POS, HDHP)

Anthem Healthkeepers (note: the NON-Medicaid plan may cover abortion. We only accept Anthem Healthkeeper Plus Medicaid for gynecology)

Anthem Healthkeepers Plus (gynecology only, Medicaid will not cover abortion care)

CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield (HMO, PPO, Blue Choice Advantage, Blue Choice Plus)

CareFirst Administrators

Cigna except EPO Connect

Healthscope Benefits

Aetna Innovation Health

Meritain Health (gynecology only)

United Healthcare note: only some of our doctors are in-network with this plan. Please ask when you schedule if your doctor takes United.

United Health Care Community Plan (Medicaid) – gynecology only                    

UMR (part of the United Healthcare Network) note: only some of our doctors are in-network with this plan. Please ask when you schedule if your doctor takes United.

  • We welcome ALL patients with or without insurance
  • Medicaid plans of Virginia DO NOT cover abortion care.
  • Please provide your Insurance Information when you  request your appointment online or make your appointment by phone.
  • As a courtesy to you, we can check your benefits and financial responsibility prior to your appointment.

It is the responsibility of the patient to know their insurance coverage. Each patient should understand that they are financially responsible for visits that exceed their coverage amount, copayment, coinsurance and remaining deductibles in their policy as well as those denied by their policy. As a courtesy to our patients we can check your benefits, and as a courtesy we can submit insurance claims on your behalf. Your individual policy through your employer may have restrictions. Though most insurance companies have a policy that includes Gynecologic Services, Contraception and Abortion care, your individual policy may not include those services or may have large deductibles or co-pays. We highly suggest patients call their customer service representative listed on their insurance card to verify their coverage.


  • Payment or Insurance co-pay, co-insurance or unmet deductible is required at the time your services.
  • Acceptable forms of payment: Cash, VISA and MasterCard. We do not accept checks, Discover, or American Express.
  • Itemized statements can be provided if you want to file your own health account claim.

Fees for Services

[Updated October 18, 2023.  Fees subject to change without prior notice.]

Looking for financial assistance? We will help connect you with organizations that may be able to help you pay for your abortion care! Please let us know when you’re making your appointment; the screening process only takes a few minutes on the phone.

Medication Abortion (Abortion Pill)  through 11 weeks$495
Procedural Abortion (Aspiration Abortion) through 12 weeks | Local (Awake)$495
Procedural Abortion (Aspiration Abortion) through 11 weeks | IV Sedation (Asleep)$620
Procedural Abortion (Aspiration Abortion)  12-13 weeks | IV Sedation (Asleep)$665
Procedural Abortion (Aspiration Abortion) 14 weeks | IV Sedation (Asleep)$995
Procedural Abortion (Aspiration Abortion) 15 weeks | IV Sedation (Asleep)$1195
Mini Dose Rhogam Injection for patient with RH Negative Blood Factor (through 11 weeks)$65
Maxi Dose Rhogam Injection for patient with RH Negative Blood Factor (12-15 weeks)$100

Prices effective October 18, 2023

Urine Pregnancy Testing (UPT) at the CenterFree
Family Planning Options Counseling (with Patient Educator)$100
Depo-Provera Injection (repeat or new with nurse)$95
Consultation for LARC (Long Acting Removable Contraception)$150
Paragard IUD Insertion ( 10 year non-hormonal)*$1360
Mirena IUD Insertion ( 5 year hormonal)*$1452
Kyleena IUD Insertion ( 5 year hormonal)*$1452
Skyla IUD Insertion ( 3 year hormonal)*$1268
Liletta IUD Insertion (5 year hormonal)*$1299
IUD Check within 3 monthsFree
IUD Removal – Existing Patient | Uncomplicated$100
IUD Removal – New Patient | Uncomplicated$175
General IV Sedation for IUD Insertion$150
Nexplanon – 3 Year Hormonal Arm Implant*$1443
Nexplanon – Check within 2 MonthsFree
Nexplanon/Implanon Removal | Uncomplicated$200
LARC (Long Acting Removable Contraception) Insertion*
when patient supplies approved device

Please confirm that your Reproductive Health Annual (“Well Woman”) Exam and Pap test are current when you schedule your LARC appointment.

Prices updated: January 15, 2024. All prices subject to change without notice.

Reproductive Wellness Testing / Screening
Office VisitFee is waived if this is a follow-up for abortion care.$140
Lab processing FeeOne fee per office visit for one or more lab services$43
Thin Prep Pap Smear with HPV testing (Recommended once every three years)$134
Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing: (panel of 6: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomoniasis, Microplasma genitilium, Hominis (2) Ureaplasma$80
Six Species Candida Testing: Candida albicans, Candida glabrata, Candida tropicalis, Candida parapsilosis, Candida lusitaniae, and Candida krusei$120
Vaginitis “ABC” panel: Aerobic, Bacterial, Candida)$90
HSV (Herpes) Panel Testing$120
Quant Beta (blood) pregnancy test$17
CBC (Blood) Panel$5
Urine Pregnancy TestFREE
Sonogram – Preliminary Evaluation of cysts, fibroids, etc.$200
Test of Cure (TOC) or Re-Check w/ Doctor$140

NOTE: Fees are subject to change without notice. For a complete list of Reproductive Services available at the Center, please call 703-532-2500.