From our patients…

Bulletin Board with thank you cards

At Falls Church Healthcare Center, we strive to provide the best compassionate care possible. We pride ourselves on having staff who are friendly, approachable, and will answer questions every step of the way — and who will go above and beyond when needed. Take a look and see what our patients have written:

Everyone was so sweet and nice Both the doulas were fantastic and stayed with me the entire time like I asked. The nurse in the after section was very attentive as well.

All staff members were great. Excellent customer service and very professional.

The nurse who was at the reception desk – she held my hand and talked to me during my procedure. It made it bearable and less lonely, and I will always be grateful to her for that.

The nurse and the medical assistants: The anesthesiologists was amazing and the doulas as well. C. was amazing from speaking to her on the phone to seeing her in person.

Everyone was very nice. It was comforting. I was so nervous I started to laugh, and they were kind and very funny.

I felt as though all the staff were super friendly and welcoming. I felt no judgement and although I came alone, I didn’t feel lonely. The nurses/doctors were very receptive to how uncomfortable I was feeling and made it very clear that I had nothing to worry about.

They were very kind to me, I am very grateful for the treatment I received.