Medical Records Release

*NEW!* This form now provides you the opportunity to request that FCHC release medical records OR for FCHC to request that other medical institutions release medical records to FCHC.  There is no charge to request FCHC to ask other medical institutions for your records on your behalf.

NOTE IF REQUESTING FCHC SEND YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS TO YOU: Falls Church Healthcare Center, per Virginia Code (8.01-413), may charge a copying fee up to $0.50 per page (for a max of 50 pages) in addition to a $20.00 search and handling fee. You will be notified what the fee for providing your medical records will be. Payment can be made online, over the phone by credit/debit card or by cash or credit/debit card if you will pick up your records at the Center.

Falls Church Healthcare Center will not email patient records.

When sending patient records by mail, Falls Church Healthcare Center will charge an additional $9.65 fee and send the records via Priority Mail.

For further questions regarding the release of medical records, please call us at 703-532-2500 or email .