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  • 900 S Washington St., #300
    Falls Church, VA 22046
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  • Falls Church Healthcare Center in Virginia

    A women's center serving the families of our Virginia community.

  • Abortion clinic in Falls Church, VA - Falls Church Healthcare Center

    Privacy, SAFETY and personalized care of our patients is our priority.

  • Falls Church Healthcare Center abortion center in Virginia

    EVERY woman has a right to determine the outcome of her pregnancy.

  • Falls Church Healthcare Center private abortion clinic in VA

    You are NOT alone. Abortion is a common experience.

About Us

What you need to know about us — FCHC supports women in taking an active role in their well-being by providing professional, affordable, confidential health care.

The privacy, safety and personalized care of our patients is our priority.

  • We promote patient rights through all of our services. Practicing to the highest standards of the National Abortion Federation, ACOG and the Virginia Board of Medicine, we have an unparalleled safety record in abortion care.
  • FCHC is a community-oriented gynecology center. Our patients benefit from the 40+ years of reproductive and women’s health care our staff has provided.
  • We provide professional and confidential health care at an affordable cost, including through insurance or private pay. Payment plans are available.

Kindness, Courtesy, Understanding and Respect are cornerstones or our patient-staff relationships.

  • Our staff and center aim to create a safe and caring environment for all of our patients. We welcome patients of all cultures, sexual orientations and gender expressions, including the unique needs of Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer patients.
  • We provide understanding, supportive,  quality health care.

We are a SAFE PLACE to make an important decision.

  • Our staff of licensed gynecologists, nurses, health educators, counselors, and administrators are professionals who specialize in reproductive health care.
  • Our staff and clinicians are multilingual and multicultural.
  • We are committed to every woman’s right to become a participant in her own health care. This includes the right to have your questions answered and to be informed about your medical diagnosis, procedures, possible complications and information about medications and any potential side effects.

Our Principles

  • To provide SAFE, EFFECTIVE medical care.
  • To provide an emotionally SUPPORTIVE atmosphere.
  • To adhere to the patient’s Bill of Rights as outlined by the American Hospital Association.
  • To EDUCATE the patient and her family, to teach them the basic principles of family planning and prevention of disease.
  • To provide comprehensive reproductive health services and appropriate referrals for specialized care.
  1. We tailor your health education, decision-making, medical procedures, and follow-up care to your individual preferences and needs.
  2. We have been helping women and their families cope with an unplanned pregnancy since 2002.
  3. We can HELP YOU recognize that once you are pregnant there is no way forward without sacrifice.
  4. We trust you to make the decision that will best nurture your future, your faith, your heart and your family.

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