Abortion Options Counseling

Seek experienced abortion options counseling to help in your decision-making.

Are you considering an abortion but need more help? We offer options counseling at our clinic to help you evaluate all possible options so you can make the best decision for yourself.

In addition to our abortion options counseling, there are other great resources to help you in your decision-making.

The Pregnancy Options Workbook is a great tool to help you move through your decision making process. We use this resource often during our in-clinic sessions.

From the Pregnancy Options and Making Decisions: “If you are unsure about what decision to make with your pregnancy, this section may help you sort through your feelings. The ideas and suggestions in this section are not meant to encourage you to make any particular decision about your pregnancy; rather, they are designed to help you clarify your thoughts and feelings about your pregnancy and make the decision that is best for you The ideas and suggestions presented here are based on the experience of counseling thousands of women faced with an unintended pregnancy.”

Above all, recognize that no matter what choice you make You Are A Good Woman [pdf]. This resource recognizes that a pregnancy always involves difficult choices, and we at FCHC know you are responsible and intelligent enough to make those choices.

Beware of Fake Clinics

Excerpts from National Abortion Federation website https://prochoice.org/scotus-allows-fake-womens-health-centers-continue/ )

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs)

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) have a long history of intentionally misleading women to prevent them from accessing abortion care. For example some intentionally choose their name to mislead women into believing that they offer a wide range of services, including family planning and abortion care, when in fact they offer neither. They may offer free sonograms but will not give you a copy or send one to us for your continued care. CPCs advertise near the headings of Abortion, Pregnancy, Women’s Centers or Clinics. CPCs may locate themselves near legitimate abortion care providers as a deliberate attempt to lure patients into visiting their centers.

Although CPCs portray themselves as a medical clinic and urge women to come in for options counseling, they do not provide full options counseling and generally will not refer for abortion care or birth control. CPC’s have used tactics intended to delay and even harass or intimidate women from making the choice best for them and even give out false and misleading information in order to dissuade women from choosing abortion. For your own protection, ask the CPC you contact if they provide abortion care or give abortion referrals. Evasive and unclear answers to this question should make you suspicious.