FCHC is pleased to be able to expand our unique, compassionate services to continually focus on the individual experiences of each patient we serve through Doula advocacy.

Falls Church Healthcare Center was the first in Virginia and now one of only three in the DC Metropolitan Area to offer pro-choice doula services to our patients.

Complimentary doula services are provided by the DC Doulas for Choice Collective.

An Abortion Doula is a trained individual who provides emotional, physical, spiritual, and informational support during and after abortion or after pregnancy loss.

Doula services are provided by the DC Doulas for Choice Collective, whose members are trained in the medical aspects of abortion care and reproductive health along with diversity awareness, professionalism and ethics, and emotional, spiritual and physical support techniques.

Simply let us know you would like a Doula to be part of your care with us.

For more information about the Collective and the volunteers, please visit:  DC Doulas for Choice Collective