Video Resources

Sharing videos that may provide insight into reproductive healthcare.


Below are a few videos offering insight to abortion and our center:

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Abortion Politics and Women’s topics addressed in the following video.

Falls Church Healthcare Center challenges Virginia’s regulations intended to shut down abortion providers, and wins an important victory!

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Abortion Related Videos

Chalk Talk: Is Medication Abortion Right for Me

This animated video explains the basics of medication abortion and what patients should expect during and after the treatment.

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We Trust You

Provided by Abortion Access Front, created to comfort anyone considering abortion. You are not alone.

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NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia honored Falls Church Healthcare Center director Rosemary Codding with a “Champion of Choice” award.

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Unsafe Abortion

From Marie Stopes International, an animated video on the reality of unsafe abortion.

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Why I Provide

A video from Physicians for Reproductive Health interviewing five abortion providers on why they do the work they do.

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The Fake Abortion Clinics of America: Misconception

Vice News reports on FAKE abortion clinics, otherwise known as crisis pregnancy centers or CPCs.

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What is abortion stigma?

The Sea Change Program explains abortion stigma, as it affects both patients and providers.

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Abortion Options

Laci Green explains what to expect when you’re having an abortion: what happens before and after, plus different procedures.

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Emily’s Abortion Video

Emily Letts, a patient advocate at Cherry Hill Women’s Center, films her own abortion. (Safe to watch even for the squeamish.)

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The Bravest TV Show in America – Ctrl-Alt-Delete